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“Complete the following form by including data for each applicable Business process or Benefit/ Saving that you would expect to realize from implementing a Document Management and Process Automation solution.”

 % Time
# Employees
Business Process Automation Benefit ? “Include or exclude each business process you intend to automate or not. Set the estimated average % time saving per employee, the # of employees involved in the business process, as well as the average cost to company per employee.”

Average annual cost to company for employees involved in the Business Process

Document reviews and approvals ? Document templates allow for the template to be automatically completed from the metadata captured, whilst review and approval workflows automate the publication of the document, increasing accuracy whilst maintaining control. The review and approval steps can be routed to any numbers of groups or individuals based on metadata (like delegation authority or contract value) of the document.


Agreement execution automation/ Electronic Signature - time saving  % ? Never lose an important agreement again by letting the system automatically send, track, and save the executed agreement into the system. Both softcopy and finally executed documents are saved and stored. Stop wasting time chasing managers, executives, and clients / suppliers for signatures. Let the system do it for you, with automated reminders and the ability to track what is outstanding.


Contract Management ? Manage all your contract templates within a controlled process. Create contracts from a template and automatically set which review and approval workflow is relevant. Automatically send for e-Signature and automatically save and tag your executed contracts so they can always be found. Manage termination and renewal dates with automatic reminders and workflow assignments.


Quality Management / SOP creation & management ? The QMS solution provides tools to create and update policy, process, and standard operating procedure documentation. Changes are managed using a Request for Change workflow which allows the change request to be evaluated, authored, reviewed, and approved before publication. Manage the library of QMS content and make it easy for employees to find the relevant policy, process, or procedure.


Certification, Audits & Training ? Conduct QMS compliance audits, identify staff who are affected by a QMS change and automatically schedule and track training/ retraining assignments. Create, track and record certification against a new or changed policy or standard.


General Business Processes - Automation & File Sharing


Field Data Apps: Checklists, inspections etc. ? Create IOS, Android and Windows mobile Apps capable of offline and online field data capture. Automate work order or asset maintenance inspections, safety, quality, environmental and other field inspections. Connect your back-office controls and systems directly to your field staff, providing real-time allocation of tasks, field execution of tasks and collection of data.


Constructions Mngt - Bids, Transmittals/notices, Projects, QA, Defects ? Manage construction related Projects, Work areas, sub-contractors, bid packages, work packages and contracts. Monitor the progress of bids and work using interactive dashboards which provide an overview of progress and the ability to detect issues early and manage the end-to-end construction process. Integrate with your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and other line of business system to automate the entire construction value chain at a portfolio and individual project level.

Annual Business Process Efficiency gain
Search Benefit ? This Cottrill Research article provides several research-based references that indicate knowledge workers spend on average 1 day a week searching for information. E.g. According to a McKinsey report, employees spend 1.8 hours every day—9.3 hours per week, on average—searching and gathering information. Put another way, businesses hire 5 employees but only 4 shows up to work; the fifth is off searching for answers, but not contributing any value. Even if we are extremely conservative and estimate a 2%-5% (as opposed to 20%) time saving this benefit adds up quickly.

Average annual cost to company for employees (All Employees)

Annual Cost Searching for Documents
Space Savings ? Estimates the savings associated with digitizing paper records and thus reclaiming the office space allocated for paper filing systems – per annum.

Off-site storage costs

Number of 4 drawer filing cabinets

x Number of square feet utilized for each 4 drawer cabinet


x Cost per square foot of office space

Annual Cost of storing your documents
Document Reproduction ? Savings associated with reducing or removing the need to print or copy paper documents – per annum.

Number of paper copies generated each day

Cost per copy (paper, toner, ink, etc.)


Total Reproduction Costs per day


Total Reproduction Costs per annum

Costs to Maintain Filling Cabinets ? Per annum costs of managing paper filing cabinets – per annum.

Number of filing cabinets

Average cost to maintain cabinet


Total per Annum

Distribution Costs ? Estimated costs associated with moving paper-based documents and records between locations – per annum.

Number of UPS or FedEx packages sent weekly between locations

Average costs of UPS or FedEx service


Number of weeks per year


Total Transportation Costs

Disaster Recovery

Being able to quickly restart business operations after
a disaster (fire, flood, employee theft, etc.)

Total Potential Annual Cost Savings Associated with DMS & Automation ? Estimated total benefits and cost savings, from implementing DMS and automating business processes.

Costs of DMS (Software, Hosting, Maintenance and Services) - Average per annum ? Estimate total cost of ownership per annum. Average total costs over 5 years. Costs should include – software subscriptions/ licenses, hosting costs, implementation costs and support and maintenance costs.

Number of Months to Pay for DMS and Process Automation ? The Costs of the DMS / The Cost Savings